Our Mission

Our Mission

Since 1999, we have been providing dependable and honest distribution & logistic services. As we've grown, so have our  resources and customer base. With many reputable clients under our belt, we prove that we seamlessly combine the two worlds of distributions & logistics by offering the ultimate 3PL solutions services.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our company operates on numerous levels, and each sector is managed by highly skilled individuals who are experts in their fields. By using cross-functionality to connect each level of business, FTDI West is able to provide your business with superior back-end support.

What sets us apart from the rest is not only our diverse & qualified employees, but also our approach to business. We are proactive about your company's goals, not reactive like most 3PL's. Together, we aim to reach goals and build strong connections along the way.

Our Values

Our Values

We value honest partnerships that put communication first. We also take pride in our customer-relations; by putting our clients' needs on the frontline of our priorities, we are able to provide proper support and guidance tailored to each company that works with us.


Our actions and decisions are driven by integrity – so you can worry about what matters most to your business while we handle the logistics down to the last mile carrier. With hundreds of assets at your disposal, we are here to provide you with the tools to success. With Adame Transportation and Logistics and our wide variety of in-house technologies, you are able to track, maintain and communicate with us every step of the way. 

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Finishing Touches Distribution was founded in 1999 by Alan Baum, a 30 year apparel veteran, in Miami, Florida. Naturally, Alan met Steve Rocha who was a senior manager in the garment manufacturing industry. In 2001, America suffered the 9/11 terrorist attack which impacted the economy tremendously. In spite of dark times, Alan & Steve capitalized on the opportunity to take out a small business loan and began reinvesting into the business.

In 2008, both Alan and Steve moved to San Bernardino, California, where they opened their first west coast distribution facility. Together, they founded Adame Logistics in 2009, and in the following year, Adame Transportation. In 2010, the second west coast distribution facility opened in San Bernardino, CA. During this growth period, FTDI West began investing into more advanced technological resources. This included the introduction of a new inventory and warehouse management system (RAMP) which attracted many successful clients, many of which we still work with today.

We aim to continuously improve our resources to provide smoother services and integrations with our clients. In 2016, we began the implementation of the Bombay Sorter which forced us to expand yet again to our two current west coast locations – conveniently located right across the street from one another. The original Finishing Touches Distribution location in Florida is still our working facility on the east coast, strategically placing us on both coasts to cater to all of your 3PL and distribution needs & more.

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